Friday, 25 May 2018

A Child's Song, in the mood for love, from "Random Poems"

"A Child's Song, in the mood for love"

Aster fields, brown and blue, children play there by crypts.
                     In the bright lilting air, gulls hover silver-gray.

Strange life lives in the vine, play louder you violins!
                     Which lust, racing round dance, shivering the night comes in.

You laugh so loud, full of gloom, in the evening winds.
                       Laughter flutters up, drifts away, dreamlike the candle's light weaves.

Scream more insanely, by the window a round dance sweeps,
                       raging and drunk from wine! You laugh so loud!

Aster fields, brown and blue, children play there by crypts.
                      Their laughter remained hanging on small leaves.

Drunk with dark frosts silver larva, bent over the sleep of the hunter.
                      Head that abandons its legends, Soul that receives the light.

Sighs in enormous sinisterness.

© omar baz radwan, 2018


Monday, 21 May 2018

And just like that, from "Random Poems"

"And just like that, a poem in fragments"

The light breeze makes soft ripples on the water.

                           The lake as if a mirror unto the vast emptiness of a grey sky.

The grass still fresh from the rain,
                           a bird lifts its wing in staggering flight.

Faces pass by and disappear in the fog. The pain lingers on in the trees.

                          A gentle laughter fades in the distance.

Around the flowers the faint sunlight reels,

                          around the pale flowers on murky waters.

Go away! Go away! The air burns!

The moon rises, the night turns blue,

                           a face blossoms in the reflection of the water.
A memory, like an enigmatic Sphinx face,

                          on which my heart wants to bleed to death.

The water shimmers greenish-blue,

                          and calmly the trees breathe.


© omar baz radwan, 2018



Friday, 18 May 2018

The Blind Pig, from "Random Poems"

At the "Blind Pig, RSM. 5/18/2018."

I have nothing left to say,

stop time: to deeper tortures and deeper delights
                 where the unknown deity governs.

I have said it all -

Very bright tones in the thin winds.
I have lost myself in every stranger's face,
                                                                   and thin perfume.

They sing the distant mourning of this day,
                                                                     in the bright mirror of the clear waters,

that make us dream after never-felt shudders.

                                                                         And our passions in the bleeding,

lift our Souls to more distant Heavens.

© omar baz radwan, 2018

Saturday, 12 May 2018

the black birds, from "Random Poems"

the black birds

like pain that
         lingers on

in the trees
                        the black birds call.

a faint streak of light
                 fades beyond the silence

the clouds hover grey.

the night has risen over the wrinkled forehead
with beautiful stars.

     a wild animal feeds on the loving heart

a lament,
                       your purple mouth dwells in me like a wound.

© omar baz radwan, 2018

Thursday, 10 May 2018

the quail, from "Random Poems"

"the quail:

The quail in the garden.

                                     Sombre, the snow falls.

In the cemetery,
                         the birch trees calmly sway -

above the silence
of so many stories,          yet to be told.

In dark earth the holy stranger rests.

© omar baz radwan, 2018


Saturday, 5 May 2018

"Random" Poems

"Random" Poems is a series of poems recently composed in the Spring of 2018. The proclamation of a decrepit soul's existence in time and space, and its efforts in a serene existence of  self-imposed exile.

Happy reading.


© omar baz radwan, 2018

Friday, 26 July 2013

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