Sunday, 17 December 2017

Silence; And peacefully the music dies down in your tender breast, from "Other Poems."

"Silence; And peacefully the music dies down in your tender breast."

The night has risen over your restless forehead
with beautiful stars
by the black concrete wall where you lay petrified with pain.

A wild animal in the garden feeds on your heart.
A fiery angel
you lie with broken breast on stony field.

In the dark forest of the mind a nocturnal bird's
unending lament
always repeating in thorny night branches.

A mirror on every face you see and a smile.
And often you hear soft steps
tear through the broken images. The blueness of your shadow.

As if you came from the void of Nothingness into
something you shall never be.
And to Nothingness return, empty handed and content.

Full of songs of a sweet homeland, which we long forgot.
Resting in crystalline earth, holy stranger,
till God takes his lament from your dark mouth;

And peacefully the soft music dies down in your tender breast.

© omar baz radwan, 2016

"Clay Mask," Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo Photography, 2017

Note to the reader: This is the last poem from the series "Other Poems." that will be posted publicly on the blog. The blog will also be shut down for a while and moved else where to an official site (will attach link in here in due course), for those who would like to follow up on the poetry.

Till then, keep at it. Whatever it is.

                                                                                                               omar baz radwan