Thursday, 16 November 2017

"Other Poems."

Note to the Reader: "Other Poems." is a series of poems composed over a period of four years, between the winter of 2012 and 2016. The collection hopes to metaphorically capture (as objectively as possible) the aesthetic transmutation of self introspection over the lapse of time, both synchronically and diachronically. The main motif ubiquitous throughout the works is pivoted around the timeless universal pithy, 

Conquer yourself and you shall conquer this world, and the next.  

© omar baz radwan, 2017

              "Clay Mask," Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo Photography, 2017

Legal Note: All poems in the series are copyrighted and registered under the author's name.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Shadow of Lost Gardens, from "Other Poems."

"The Shadow of Lost Gardens"

The darkness extinguished me in silence,
I became a dead shadow in the day - 
Then I stepped from the house of joy
outside in the night.

You mute gate before my suffering,
see this dark stigmata bleeding to death
and the reeling chalice of agony completely bowed,
I am ready.

You garden of oblivion
around my poverty's closed-to-the-world radiance
the wine leaves wilt, the wreath of thorns wilts,
come, you grand time!

My demon once laughed  
when I was a light in gleaming gardens,
and play and dance were my companions
and the wine of love, which makes me drunk.

My demon once wept
when I was a light in painful gardens
and humility, whose radiance shines
on poverty's house, was my companion.

You are in deep midnight

A dead shore at the silent sea,
A dead shore: Never more!
You are in deep midnight.

You are in deep midnight

The heaven in which you glowed as a star,
a heaven from which no more God blossoms.
You are in deep midnight.

You are in deep midnight

an unbegotten in sweet womb,
and never existing, unreal!
You are in deep midnight.

Now a silence dwells in my heart
that does not feel the dreary day 
and smiles up to you like thorns,
Night - forever and ever.

And my demon neither weeps nor laughs,
I am a shadow of lost gardens. 

© omar baz radwan, 2015

"Clay Mask," Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo Photography, 2017

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Orestes in Dream, from "Other Poems."

"Orestes In Dream"

Mother bore the Infant in the white moon,
under the shadow of the oaks,
and silently
a pale face bended over her in compassion.
The ancient elder, drunk with the juice of the poppy, 
poured peace into the Soul.

The lament of the blackbird, a lonesome winter evening,
dark figures by the old pond,
so dark that day of the year,
when the moon quietly climbed down to cool waters, silver
rest and calm countenance.

The bell long into the November evening,
a song bird in bleak branches.
As in sleep he descended the dusking spiral stair,
blood ran purple from the wound under the heart.

Utter silence in stone
a delicate corpse lay still in darkness of the chamber
and the other one raised cold eyelids over him.
On the ivory temple of the lonely one
the reflection of fallen angels appeared.

© omar baz radwan, 2016

"Clay Mask," Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo Photography, 2017